When you think of the word ‘budget,’ does Thanksgiving immediately come to mind? Probably not, but depending on the size of a meal you’re planning on preparing that bill can add up quickly and you may wish it had. With Christmas quickly approaching we want to make sure your wallets are prepared for the best of both holidays. Here are a few ways to make sure your Thanksgiving is giving the gift of savings.

 | Stock Up Early

Thanksgiving sales tend to start early November, and things like can goods can be stocked up on and saved for later in the month. Pay attention to your grocery store ads on what and when they’re having sales. Also, cut coupons and have them ready when it’s time to stock up on green beans, corn, and sweet potatoes.

| Make Your Own Décor

Decorating for the holidays is fun for everyone, but if you plan to buy pre-made décor the prices add up quick! Making your own decorations is a fun way of bringing the family together and makes a fun activity to do with those extra days off. To get started, check out the Frugal Autumn Decorating blog for a cornucopia of ideas.

| Make It a Potluck

Thanksgiving is usually spent with family if you have extra people coming in for dinner plan to go potluck style! It not only helps you save time but money and whoever gets stuck with the stress of cooking the entire feast. Ask everyone who attends to bring one dish and the recipe. Maybe even consider putting on a little desert contest for some fun.

| Plan to Eat Leftovers

During the holiday season, you can almost guarantee on having leftovers. It’s easy to want to eat out the days after especially with Christmas shopping happening that weekend. Instead of grabbing lunch on the go, pack a turkey sandwich or head home between shopping trips. You’ll save money and get to eat more yummy Thanksgiving treats. To break down the monotony of turkey sandwiches, try to find different ways to mix up your leftovers, like a Turkey Hash with Country Gravy.

| Shop Multiple Stores

It may be easier to just hit one grocery store but sometimes not the most cost efficient. Look through different ads to get an idea of what sales are happening where and where you’ll save the most money.

| Skip Appetizers

Let’s be honest, sure it’s nice to eat a few things earlier in the day but you’re about to eat a crazy amount of food. You can save up to $50 depending on what you were planning on making. Serve a few drinks and plan on an early dinner so people don’t get too hungry.

What are your favorite tips to help you save money at Thanksgiving? We’d love to hear your ideas!

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