With the brutal heat of summer weighing down, it’s hard to remember to be compassionate and kind to the people around us. Often times, it’s easy to get locked up with trying to save for summer vacation or the rising electric bill, but kindness doesn’t always have a price tag attached to it. We’re sharing 25 different ways to brighten someone’s day that doesn’t take much from your wallet but will guarantee a big impact on those around us.

  1. Open the Door for Someone
  2. Help When Someone’s Hands Are Full
  3. Send Someone a Small Gift Anonymously
  4. Write Encouraging Notes for Strangers to Find
  5. Let Someone Cut in Front of You in Line
  6. Complain Less
  7. Put Change in A Vending Machine
  8. Support A Kickstarter Project
  9. Freely Offer Your Skills
  10. Send A Card or Handwritten Note to A Friend
  11. Spend A Morning at An Animal Shelter
  12. Donate your time to nonprofit organization
  13. Offer to walk a friend’s dog
  14. Write A Positive Review About Someone You Encounter
  15. Make Conversation with A Stranger
  16. Make Kindness/ Word Rocks and Hide Them Around Town
  17. Leave A Used Book in A Café
  18. Compliment Someone and Really Mean It
  19. Leave A Positive Note on Windshields Complimenting Their Parking Job
  20. Introduce Yourself to Your Neighbors
  21. Invite A Friend to The Movies or Dinner
  22. Tip Your Restaurant Server Generously
  23. Share Your Favorite Candy with An Inspiration Message
  24. Stop at A Lemonade Stand and Buy a Glass
  25. Make A Donation to A Cause You Believe In

Make a promise to yourself this today that you will try to accomplish this list and see how your actions can shine brightly on your friends, family, and strangers alike. You’ll also feel great too!

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