It’s that time again. Headed back to your spring semester of college and back to your cozy dorm room. Decorating your first semester of college can be a bit of a whirl wind, but it’s not to late to make your room feel more at home. We have 10 great DIYs to make your dorm reflect more of you and that are easy on your wallet.

1. Gold Wire Memo Board

Est. cost: $15

Is your desk feeling cluttered and need a place to hang those papers? This is a great DIY to put together something that’s both cute and practical.

2. Trendy Closet Weaving

Est. cost: $15

A lot of dorm rooms end up having open closet that make your room feel cluttered. This trendy closet weaving is a cool way to hide your closet while decorating your room all at the same time.

3. Hanging Shelve

Est. cost: $10

These fun shelves are an easy way to make your space feel a little more unique and more at home. Display some of your favorite photos or a cute little plant.

4. Fun Confetti Tray

Est. cost: $10

More of a girly girl? This fun tray is an easy way to add a pop of color to your space.

5. Confetti Wall Decor

Est. cost: $5

Along with the fun Confetti tray this confetti wall is super easy and affordable to do over a weekend. If you’re not allowed to put nails in the wall this a great option to add a little flair.

6. Home State Wall Hanging

Est. Cost: $10

This DIY you may need a hammer and nails, but you’ll end up with a great reminder of your home.

7. Floral Mouse Pad

Est. Cost: $5

Sometimes the smallest DIYs make the biggest statements. This easy DIY is a great way to add a little flair to your desk.

8. Felt Message Board

Est. Cost: $20

Felt message boards are such a fun way to change up your room, but aren’t that affordable new. This is a great way to make one for yourself for half the cost.

9. Washi Tap Chord Labels

Est. Cost: $5

Being organized is extremely important, especially when you have a small room. You’ll work better if things are organized and your room will be less stressful that way. Labeling your chords is a great way to keep things in order, and to stop unplugging your lamp when you mean to unplug your computer.

10. DIY Hat Organizer

Est. Cost: $2

Baseball caps tend to clutter closets easily, especially if you have a lot of them. This is an easy way to hang your hats in your closet and keep things organized.

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